The official chess club of MIT.

We cannot guarantee parking for most of our events, and encourage use of public transportation whenever possible. Our tournaments are usually held close to the Kendall Square stop of the Red Line.

That said, we have compiled a list of potential parking spots that may be available (some borrowed from Tech Square). Again, we cannot guarantee their availability.

  • A good place to start is the official MIT list.
  • There’s a pay-parking lot at 139 Mass Ave (intersection of Vassar/Mass Ave.) that’s a couple blocks from the student center, but I don’t know how booked it usually is (it’s fairly small). Their contact # is 617-258-6510.
  • There are some metered spaces along Albany street (the street after Vassar, which is the closest intersection with Mass Ave. to the student center) and some metered spaces directly on Mass Ave, which should be deactivated on Sunday. Farther out, there’s also some meters along Main and around Ames/Amherst, but that’s about a 10-15 minute walk away. People seem to have the most luck (with respect to metered parking) on Albany.
  • There is a small public parking lot at the northeast corner of Vassar Street and Mass Ave which is free after 5PM, and all weekend (double check the sign when you enter to be sure).
  • The ungated Building 44/46 lot off of Vassar St is available to the public after 5pm. There are also metered spots on the north side of Vassar St.
  • N10, on Albany just east of Massachusetts Avenue, is now reported to be reliably gated, but there are also metered spaces along Albany Street.
  • There’s also the Windsor St Lot a little farther north.
  • The East Lot, the Hayward St. Lot, and the Amherst St. Lot are also options
  • Traditionally Tech Squares members have parked at the West Annex Lot just past the West Garage. This is officially gated, but the gate is usually up after hours. This lot used to be on MIT’s official public parking list, but it has been removed. Caveat parker.