The official chess club of MIT.

Vision statement

We are a community of chess enthusiasts at MIT who enjoy one another’s company and encourage others to join in the fun, promoting an atmosphere of lifelong learning!

Mission statement

We serve the chess community at MIT through various programs, partnerships, and events, including casual community gatherings, guest lectures and exhibitions, a competitive national collegiate chess team, regular tournaments, and collaboration with local chess clubs.


For nearly two years before 2016, MIT lacked an active chess club, leaving many avid players stranded with no official organization to arrange meetings, tournaments, or lessons.

In 2016, Tech Chess was born under the steady and enthusiastic leadership of MIT students Alexander Katz, Andy Trattner, Amir Cohen, and Jonah Butler. Our aim is to build a sustainable, awesome organization.

We hosted several successful events in the spring of 2016, including a chess tournament with just under one hundred participants, many of whom attend Harvard or MIT. Tech Chess has become a vibrant community that welcomes beginners and experts with spirited games and opportunities to improve their play.

The Gameplan

  • 2016: obtain sponsors, host tournaments, recruit new members, compete in US Amateur East and Pan-Ams, continue building our community
  • 2017: reach out to other schools in Boston area for exhibition matches, invite grandmasters to lecture
  • 2018: continue competitive play, building officer community, recruiting for team, create local college league
  • 2019: expand successful programs to offer library and school outreach, continue competition and community gatherings
  • 2020: Have an online chess tournament/league open to the MIT community

Inventory and Resources

Social Media

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