Friendly Play at Northeastern and Three Sponsors

Northeastern invites Tech Chess to join weekly meeting; Jane Street, SIG, Two Sigma join Tech Chess!

Last week, we visited the Northeastern Chess Club at their weekly meeting in the Curry Student Center.

I ran over from MIT’s campus, arriving 10 minutes late to a room full of quiet chess energy. Folks were seated in a pleasant U formation, our six MIT representatives interspersed among the Northeastern crowd. Spirited games were progressing rapidly, some with clocks and some without. All were intently focused on the boards and opponents in front of them.

Northeastern has a wonderfully friendly club and player population. All of us MIT guests were invited to play multiple games against different opponents, including Professor Tim Sage. During games, players might make soft comments to one another, “good move, I didn’t see that!” and a collaborative spirit pervaded the post-mortems and take-backs. Jason, the club president, and I mutually agreed to allow club members to freely attend both MIT and Northeastern weekly hangouts.

We are also excited to announce our new sponsors, Jane Street, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), and Two Sigma! Jane Street and SIG are quantitative trading firms and Two Sigma is a systematic investment manager. All of these firms have a strong campus presence in other clubs and events, support gaming as an analytical growth tool, and believe in the mission of Tech Chess. Their $1500 contribution will go a long way in helping our club and team travel to events, host high-quality meetings, and continue growing this semester. Stop by our weekly meeting to get some free swag, including Rubik’s cubes, flash drives, big squishy knights, card decks, and more. Thanks a lot sponsors!