Harold Dondis Memorial

MIT finds success at Boylston Chess Club tournament

Harold Dondis, a pinnacle of Massachusetts chess, passed away last year at the age of 93. Besides his incredible contributions as president of MACA, longtime Boston Globe columnist, and founder of the US Chess Trust, Mr. Dondis experienced considerable success over the chessboard himself, including a victory over a then-young GM named Bobby Fischer.

In his memory, the Boylston Chess Club arranged a tournament in his honor last weekend; fitting, as Mr. Dondis in fact passed away while playing at the BCC. Over 50 players, including a grandmaster, made the trip in his memory.

Four players flew the MIT flag at the event, not to mention a host of alumni: Alexander Katz, Richard Yi, Kevin Lu (pictured in the main image), and the below-pictured Andy Trattner:

At the end of the day, Alexander Katz finished tied for first with 3.5/4, along with grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn (of, among other things, Chess Openings for White fame) and Jacob Chudnovsky. All received $233.33 for the effort. The remaining MIT contingent had good results as well: Richard Yi finished with 3/4, losing only to Katz and defeating strong local master Lawyer Times, Andy Trattner finished on 2.5/4 and gained 7 rating points, while Kevin Lu finished with 1.5/4 losing only to two masters.

The Boylston Chess Club has a number of upcoming events that Techess members plan to attend; check them out!