Hello Chess World

A fun way to end the first day of classes and start the new semester.

Tech Chess has officially launched! Our first meeting drew over 20 players and plenty of smiles (as seen above) as we played friendly blitz matches and introduced the officers. Alex announced a number of initiatives we are aiming for this year, including the U.S. Amateur Team East and the Pan-Ams, as well as local matches against other schools and regular USCF-rated tournaments at MIT. We will likely have a tournament next month and our first match against Northeastern, also in October.


Everyone is invited back next week Wednesday, or to join us Saturday for our outing to the Boylston Chess Club. Check out the events page for our full schedule, which can be imported to your Google Calendar!

Our Officers


Our fearless leader, International Master Alexander Katz, is pictured above playing (or giving a lesson to, depending on how you see it) our newest officer, Oz. Alex is a veteran chess player who recently won the Atlantic Open. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the dirty work, as in the picture below where he is helping set up our first meeting.

set up time

The best officers lead by example!

Vice President

Andy Trattner has decided to picture himself here with an airplane because why not.

why not

Treasurer and Public Relations

Treasurer Jonah Butler faces down Public Relations and Publicity Officer Amir Cohen. You can tell their positions by facial expression.

death stare

Jonah is giving Amir the death stare to see how much money he can make, while Amir is like “bro, just take it easy man. I like you, you like me, happy feelings all around, you know?”

Chairman of the Board

Master-level player Kushan Tyagi doesn’t always play chess, but when he does, he’s too busy to do it at chess club casual Wednesdays.

Director of Strategy

Oz is a second-year MBA at the Sloan School of Management. His brand is so strong, he needs no last name. Along with Amir, his love of chess has carried over to America from Israel.